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Are carbon fiber hoods illegal?

  You would need to research the question in the state where you live, but I can see no reason that they should be. They might be illegal if they are formed in such a wa (MORE)

Why is carbon fiber is used?

    Carbon fiber is both stronger and lighter than fiberglass. Some people like the way it looks when used with a good clear resin.
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Is carbon fiber combustible?

Carbon fibers themselves are not flammable however a binder or  Resin used to form a shape or structure is flammable. Although  Carbon Fiber structures are not easily ignite (MORE)
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What are the benefits of Carbon fiber hoods?

The main advantages of having carbon fibre hoods are that they are lightweight and will consume less energy, they can help a cars balancing ability and that they are strong.
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Where you can buy the carbon fiber?

Carbon fibre can be bought from companies that sell materials for  yacht building and similar.     If you Perform a web search for carbon fiber sheet or carbon fiber (MORE)

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