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Who can repair cracked carbon fiber Boxter steering wheel?

    I can, but it wouldn't be as pretty as when it was new. You could bring it to a body shop that does fiberglass repair. Of course, you could do it yourself with (MORE)

Is carbon fiber a metal?

No, it is not. Carbon fiber is a composite material. It consists of high strength fibers made of nearly pure carbon embedded in some polymer (plastic) such as epoxy or polyest (MORE)

What is carbon fiber used in?

Carbon fiber is used in a multitude of things, but it is known to be prevalently used in the racing industry, specifically Indy Car Racing and Drag Racing for the car bodies.
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Who makes motobecane carbon fiber frames?

Motobecane frames are made by Kinesis in Taiwan. Kinesis also makes the bicycle frames for Jamis, Specialized, Schwinn, Felt, and other well known bicycle brands.
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How strong is carbon fiber?

The most widely used form of carbon fiber, called intermediate modulus (or IM) carbon fiber will break at a load around 300,000 lbs per square inch of material along the fiber (MORE)

How do you clean a carbon fiber hood with oxidation?

  How to restore a carbon fiber hood     Why do carbon fiber hoods get dull?   Any plastic, over time will eventually haze up over years. This is not just true (MORE)

Is carbon fiber stronger than steel?

Per Volume (if they both take the same space amount up): Carbon Fiber is actually 5x stronger than steel. It is also 2x more stiff. This material has a really, really, really (MORE)
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Why do they use carbon fiber in Formula 1 cars?

Carbon fibers are strong, waterproof and light weight.   Compared to common metals carbon fibers can be expensive but it lasts for a long time.   Carbon fibers do not (MORE)

What is black carbon fiber?

Black carbon fiber is usually real carbon threads, as opposed to any other color, which are generally fiberglass covered with an aluminum coating. Glass fabric can also be col (MORE)