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How is carbon added to the carbon cycle?

Carbon is added/increased by: Organisms/plants respire which releases Co2 & decomposers respire which also releases Co2 while breaking down dead plants/animals etc. Combustio (MORE)
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What are the disadvantages of Carbon nanotubes?

the disadvantages are that Nano tubes can be quite difficult to work with because of their very small size and they can be quite expensive to produce.
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Why can carbon nanotubes conduct electricity?

In carbon nanotubes each carbon atom has a 'free' electron which can move around freely and therefore can carry a charge and conduct electricity.
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What is the density of carbon nanotube?

The bulk density of short chain, single walled carbon nanotubes are roughly 1.3-1.4g/cm3 (1300-1400kg/m). The bulk density is the density of a bundle, or group, of nanotubes t (MORE)

What is carbonation?

Carbonation is the process by which rain water mixes with carbon dioxide in the air to form carbonic acid when this mineral reacts with rocks such as limestone it forms a new (MORE)

How did carbon county get its name carbon?

Carbon is made up of the Latin root word carbo, which means charcoal or coal. There is no documentation of the actual person or country that selected the name for carbon.
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Is carbon monoxide carbon dioxide?

No, it isn't. Carbon monoxide is carbon bonded to one oxygen atom, but carbon dioxide has two oxygen atoms. Unlike carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide is toxic, because it reacts (MORE)
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What is the diameter of a nanotube?

  Most nanotubes' diameters are around 1 nanometer. Nano means one billionth (1/1,000,000,000).
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