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How is carbon added to the carbon cycle?

Carbon is added/increased by: Organisms/plants respire which releases Co2 & decomposers respire which also releases Co2 while breaking down dead plants/animals etc. Combustio (MORE)

What is the percentage of carbon in carbon steel?

All plain Carbon Steels have been used for many years and with many applications ranging from Art work, Auto Body parts, Car frames, and hand rails to even some Structures. Pl (MORE)

What is the density of carbon nanotube?

The bulk density of short chain, single walled carbon nanotubes are roughly 1.3-1.4g/cm3 (1300-1400kg/m). The bulk density is the density of a bundle, or group, of nanotubes t (MORE)

Is carbon the same as carbon dioxide?

No, it is not. Carbon refers to the element C, with the atomic number 6. Carbon Dioxide refers to the compound formed when one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms are bonded toge (MORE)

What is carbonation?

Carbonation is the process by which rain water mixes with carbon dioxide in the air to form carbonic acid when this mineral reacts with rocks such as limestone it forms a new (MORE)