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What is the carburetor?

It's a device that mixes fuel and air prior to the engine pulling the mixture into the cylinders for combustion. The carburetor also allows the vehicle operator to control t (MORE)

What is the purpose of carburetor?

The main purpose of the carburetor is to control the mixture of fuel vapor and air that goes into the engine. The carburetor changes this ratio depending on the car's situatio (MORE)

Why do they call a carburetor a carburetor?

The word carburetor comes from the French carbure meaning "carbide".[1] Carburer means to combine with carbon. In fuel chemistry, the term has the more specific meaning of inc (MORE)

Can you replace a carburetor?

Yes, carburetors can either be replaces with a new one, or rebuilt. However, in most cases, people will choose to replace the old damaged, or broken, carburetor with a new one (MORE)

What is the function of a carburetor?

  carburettar is to supply fuel to the inlet manifold ,which then goes to ignition chamber   the carburettor supplies the fuel at a metered rate .the idlesettings etc, (MORE)

How do you change a carburetor?

  1. Remove Air Filter and All Duct work attached to the carburetor. 2. Disconnect Fuel Line (Label to aide in reattachment) 3. Disconnect all Vacuum Hoses (Label all (MORE)

Were is the carburetor on an ATV?

Usually, on top of the motor, under the gas tank and in front of the air cleaner. This is the typical location due to the fact that the job of the carburetor is to mix fuel an (MORE)

Do cars have carburetors?

Most of newer model cars and trucks now run on a direct-injection  system instead of a carburetor.
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