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Why was Carcassonne built?

Founded and fortified by the Roman's around 100BC, Carcasonne spent most of its life as a trading town. It sits along the major trade route between France and Spain, its forti (MORE)
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Train from carcassonne France to andorra?

There isn't one.. Your best bet is, take a mainline train to Toulouse. (fairly flat country, lots of vineyards). Then a branch-line to "l'Hospitalet-pres-de-l'Andorre". Keep (MORE)
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How far away is Carcassonne from Paris?

Carcassonne is pretty much on the south coast of France and as such is a fair way from Paris. I've driven down through France a bunch of times. It usually takes me about 7 hou (MORE)

Who built the carcassonne castle?

This is a bit of a complicated answer because Carcassonne has beenoccupied since the 6th century BCE by different groups who all madecontributions to building and rebuilding t (MORE)