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What is a lung?

The lungs are two air sacks located in the chest. They are a storage place for air. A lung is an organ in many species that allows the animal to breath  and transfer oxygen i (MORE)

How do you treat a dog's cough when she has a lung tumor?

  Chances are, the lung tumor is actually causing your dogs cough. If your dog has gotten a secondary illness due to the tumor, or the tumor is damaging the lung tissue m (MORE)

My 81 yr old mother was just diagnosed with a pancoast tumor in her right lung She has had shoulder and back pain for 7 months How long does this tumor grow for before it metastisizes and pain starts?

  It actually depends on the stage of her cancer. The stages are I-IV. The tumor will continue to grow without treatment and metastasis in inevitable without treatment.
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What color is the carcinoid cancer ribbon?

The Carcinoid Cancer Ribbon is black and white striped to represent the Zebra. Because Carcinoid cancer presents with many symptoms of other diseases and is often misdiagnosed (MORE)

What do the lungs do?

The lungs provide a surface for gas exchange in mammals. Inside the lungs are the alveoli, in which oxygen dissolves into the blood. Is is basically a gas exchange. The lungs (MORE)