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What is cardboard made from?

Cardboard is made of wood which comes from trees; it is made of paper which comes from wood. Cardboard is made mainly of wood, but it can also be made from recycled paper.

What is cardboard?

Cardboard is made with heavy-duty paper of various strengths. Corrugation may be used to add thickness and strength - especially if the cardboard is to be made into cartons an (MORE)

Is cardboard biodegradable?

The ecologicaleffects of the cardboard are dual sided. The short answer to yourquestion is yes, cardboard is biodegradable because it is formed byharvesting the plant kingdom. (MORE)

How is cardboard recycled?

At the mill, the corrugated is pulped and blended with additional pulp from wood chips. Broken, thus shorter and weaker, old fibers are blended with the new pulp to make the m (MORE)

What can you make with cardboard?

You can make all sorts of things with cardboard. If you want something to make for a child, you can make a post box. It is easy to make, and it doesnt use much and everyon (MORE)

Is cardboard waterproof?

Some, but not all, cardboard is treated with wax or laminated. These forms of cardboard are considered to be waterproof.
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