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Can you put cardboard in cage with rabbit?

First answer: They will eat it. It is a tummy ache in the making. A different answer: Actually, cardboard isn't bad for your rabbit - it can even count as extra fiber in the (MORE)

How do you make an ouija board out of cardboard?

first you draw a sun to the top-left corner, and a C shaped moon to the top-right corner  then in the middle you Draw the letters A-M. slightly curved. under that you write t (MORE)

How is cardboard recycled?

At the mill, the corrugated is pulped and blended with additional pulp from wood chips. Broken, thus shorter and weaker, old fibers are blended with the new pulp to make the m (MORE)

Does cardboard pollute?

Cardboard can be considered a pollutant if it is thrown into bodies  of water or on the ground. However, cardboard can be broken down  and recycled to help prevent garbage p (MORE)