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Resuscitation is not possible in brain death or clinical death?

Clinical death. Clinical death means the heart stops beating and a person stops breathing, at this stage a person can still be resuscitated. However while in this condition bl (MORE)
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What are nursing intervention for cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

I'm not completely clear on your question, whether you mean in the field or in a hospital setting. Remember your ABC's: Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Typically, a nurse's jo (MORE)
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What is resuscitation?

Resuscitation is when you perform chest pumps and breaths into  another person to bring them back to life. This is commonly  referred to as CPR.
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Is do not resuscitate considered suicide?

DNR, or do not resuscitate, is usually a choice made by someone who is very ill. It is a contract that states if a medical crisis presents itself, they would like to let natur (MORE)