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How do you live carefree?

You take one day at a time. You exercise to keep stress out of your body. You eat fruits and vegetables so your mind is nourished and your body is not toxic from man made modi (MORE)
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What is a sentence with the word carefree?

Michelle wanted nothing more than to take a carefree vacation withher family. Other words for carefree are untroubled, easygoing,relaxed, mellow, and unworried.
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Are the carefree resorts gay friendly?

Some resorts in Carefree such as Carefree Resort & Village which is located in the center of the city is advertised as gay friendly. Gay people can expect to receive fair trea (MORE)
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What might a woman use Carefree for?

A woman might use Carefree for feminine hygiene needs and convenience. In addition, a woman might use Carefree for feminine care and comfort for a woman's needs.
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What are the release dates for Carefree - 1938?

Carefree - 1938 was released on: USA: 2 September 1938 France: 5 October 1938 Argentina: 12 October 1938 Sweden: 17 October 1938 Netherlands: 21 October 1938 Denm (MORE)
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Is carefree one word?

Yes - it is generally used as a single word. Instances where thetwo parts are separated, i.e. "care free" are uncommon in properusage.