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What is caring?

Caring-to feel concern about. In my opinion, caring is that feeling you get when a friend is hurt or when a family member is sick and you get the urge to care for them. It's a (MORE)

How do you show someone you care about that you care about them?

There's many reasons: 1. eye contact 2. when you walk around he may brush your shoulder with his. 3. he may ask you question alone or ask when you were born or when your birth (MORE)

Does he care about you?

to know if a guy likes you just look in to your eyes see what he does, is he romantic , does he take you on dates, has he got you presents, if its after a month has he got you (MORE)

Is it tooth care or teeth care?

This would sound better if you said 'hygiene care'. Then this will pertain to all your teeth and mouth. So says my Aunt Laura. From the lighter side (for extra points) I (MORE)

How can you be caring?

It is pretty simple to be caring.. Just open your mind and let the person in. Caring is...- looking after- feeling compassion for- loving- holding when they are down-being a p (MORE)