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Why isn't carefully a compound word?

A compound word is formed only from two elements both used as independent words. Although care and fully are indeed used as words on their own, the base word here is care (MORE)

How do you carefully use a firearm?

Careful used in the sense of safety- Col Jeff Cooper, well known firearms enthusiast, had the basic 4 rules- . All guns are always loaded. . Never let the muzzle cover any (MORE)
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How do you get a wart off carefully?

you can try putting duck tape on the wart thenleave it on for a week and do that until it turns kind of brown. after that let it dry out and eventually it will go away .

What is the meaning of carefully?

Carefully is the adverb form of careful, meaning to be cautious inyour actions, or prudent. For example; "We carefully crossed thefast-moving stream."