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What is the definition of caricature?

A caricature will accentuate or exaggerate a person's feature(s) such as ears or a nose etc . . . A good example of caricaturization would be a political cartoonist's illustra (MORE)

What is caricature?

1 - A representation, either pictorial or literary, in which a person's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comical or grotesque ef (MORE)

What is a caricature?

A distorted or exaggerated representation of a person or group. car·i·ca·ture. car·i·ca·ture [kérrəkə chr, kérrəkəchər]. n ( (MORE)
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How do you draw a caricature?

Look at the face of the person you are drawing. Do they have any features that stand out, it could be a pointy nose or large ears? Then look at the features as shapes and make (MORE)

What is example of caricature?

Some examples of popular caricatures are in Japanese manga or anime (comics or cartoons). A caricature is a representation of something or someone where the most noticeable fe (MORE)

What does caricature mean?

a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing inwhich certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order tocreate a comic or grotesque effect.. "a caricatu (MORE)
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What is the purpose for caricatures?

To create a humorously exaggerated version of a person to entertain someone. Caricature is used for visual communication especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject (MORE)

What is a hyperbolic caricature?

afaik its picture that is calculated after taking a picture of a person and blending in an other persons "prototype-face" so that the result appears more real than the real pi (MORE)

What is a caricature artist?

It is an artist that specializes in a certain type of cartoon called a "caricature". A caricature is a type of quickly drawn cartoon that humorously exaggerates the facial fea (MORE)