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How much does a caricature cost?

it usually cost about thirty bucks in color but in San Francisco it cost 3 dollars per person, no joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a caricature artist?

It is an artist that specializes in a certain type of cartoon called a "caricature". A caricature is a type of quickly drawn cartoon that humorously exaggerates the facial fea (MORE)

What is the definition of caricature?

A caricature will accentuate or exaggerate a person's feature(s) such as ears or a nose etc . . . A good example of caricaturization would be a political cartoonist's illustra (MORE)
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What is the purpose for caricatures?

To create a humorously exaggerated version of a person to entertain someone. Caricature is used for visual communication especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject (MORE)

What is the difference between caricature and satire?

  A Caricature is a portrait using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others. Caricatures can either be insulting or complementary and they can (MORE)

What is a hyperbolic caricature?

afaik its picture that is calculated after taking a picture of a person and blending in an other persons "prototype-face" so that the result appears more real than the real pi (MORE)