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How much does Wayne carini make?

he makes a lot of money considering that he is the owner of f40motorsports on ct. he also has a tv show called chasing classic cars and he makesmillions of dollars at car auc (MORE)
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How short is Wayne carini?

Wayne is only 4ft. 6in. tall. Plus he wear elevator shoes. He said his neck gets sore from always having to look up to everyone.
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Is Wayne Carini a midget?

First of all, "midget" is a tasteless, derogatory term underany circumstances, much like using the "n....." word. Manypeople under 4' -10" prefer not to be labeled, but be (MORE)
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Why is Wayne Carini so short?

Wayne Carini is about 54'. This is short for a man, but far from410', the legal midget height. His height is a result ofgenetics.

What movie and television projects has Luigi Carini been in?

Luigi Carini has: Performed in "Vortice" in 1920. Performed in "La Madonna della robbia" in 1921. Played Il conte Vitaliano Confalonieri in "Teresa Confalonieri" in 1934. Play (MORE)

What has the author Isidoro Carini written?

Isidoro Carini has written: 'Di alcuni lavori ed acquisti della Biblioteca Vaticana nel pontificato di Leone XIII' -- subject(s): Biblioteca apostolica vaticana 'Libri e m (MORE)