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Who was Carl von Clausewitz?

Carl Von Clausewitz (1780 - 1831) was a Prussian soldier best knownfor his military treatise, 'Von Kriege' (On War) and the famousquote, "war is the continuation of politics b (MORE)

What was Gross-Rosen?

  It was a Nazi concentration camp in Lower Silesia. In January 1945 the SS forced many of the inmates of Auschwitz to move on foot, in the winter to Gross-Rosen. It was a (MORE)

What is the value of carlxvi gustaf 1979 1kr?

  There were 47,450,148 of such 1 Krona (KM#852) coins produced in Sweden in 1979. They are composed of Copper-Nickel clad around a Copper core, weigh 7.00 grams each, and (MORE)

What is the value of a 1908 carl gustaf 6.5x55 rifle?

Depends on exact model, condtion, and originality. Anywhere from $100-$350. The 6.5 is a GREAT caliber.
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