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Who Discovered Van Halen?

Gene Simmons Of Kiss Discovered Van Halen. No it was producer Ted Templeman whom "discovered" Van Halen. And I think the term " discovered " is a much over used term. Especial (MORE)

Who are the members of Van Halen?

Van Halen's lineup has changed a few times over the years, generally regarding their lead singers. The original lineup of Van Halen (as they were when their first studio albu (MORE)

How was Van halen formed?

In 1974, The Van Halen bros met David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony. A few months after that, they started the band Van Halen. They became very popular around LA. The bassist f (MORE)

When did Van Halen break up?

  They've never broken up they've had singers come and go. Roth left in 1985. Hagar left or was booted in '96. Gary was booted after only a few years and one album. Sammy (MORE)

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What does van halens 5150 mean?

5150: Police Code for a Dangerous mentally unstable person. Also the name of Eddie Van Halen's home recording studio, Van Halen's 7th album (and first with Hagar on vocals), a (MORE)