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Is Carmen winstead the girl from the ring?

Yes they just took pics from the movie, put it in the chain letter, took the plot from the movie, put it in the chain letter
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Do Carmen Winstead's story true?

No. It IS false. I believe that God protects you and that is what matters. If it is really true, people would die and how could she appear in the sewer or bathroom without ent (MORE)

Where is the patis by Carmen Guerrero-nakpil?

WHERE'S THE PATIS? By Carmen Guerrero Nakpil Travel has become the great Filipino dream. In the same way that an American dreams of becoming a millionaire or an English boy (MORE)

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What is the Carmen Winstead story?

The Carmen Winstead story was the first urban legend spread through MySpace, and then through other sites. See the related link for more info. Some of our users demonstrated h (MORE)

How do you write Carmen in Japanese?

Since Carmen is an American name in Japanese it would be spelled with the Katakana alphabet which is used for foreign words. The spelling would be phonetically so you would pr (MORE)
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Who plays carmen on 94.9?

It's Rico. He accidentally turned into character one morning and JV said don't give away your character. Also, when Carmen cries she starts to sound like Rico and JV has menti (MORE)
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What is the story of Carmen winstead's death?

Carmen was a 17 year old girl, when she moved to a new school, and she found it hard making Friends and in a fire drill some girls thought it would be funny to push into an un (MORE)