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Are Americans safe from kidnapping in Bohol Philippines?

  Bohol is quite safe. The rebels are fighting the government, not the foreign tourists.   I have 30 plus years of Philippine experience. The only scary place is in SW (MORE)

Where was Carmen killed?

October 2006, the spooky story about a teen killed by a fall into a sewer after five other girls shoved her began circulating in e-mail and on MySpace. No adolescent girl na (MORE)

Was Carmen Winson real?

No, there are no reported incidents similar to the Carmen Winstead / Carmen Winston/ Carmen Winson / Jessica Smith hoaxes. The Carmen story has been traced back to two teens w (MORE)
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What town of Bohol has the tallest range?

There are two sets of mountain ranges located between the municipalities of Alicia and Ubay on the northeastern side of the mainland which generally trend to the north and sou (MORE)

What are the native delicacy in Bohol?

Here are some of the delicacies in Bohol:- Torta: A sweet cake made of flour, lard and egg yolks which Boholanos love to serve to visitors during celebrations Calamay: Stick (MORE)

What is Bohol Airport?

Actually, New Bohol Airport is currently on design stage. The exact name is New Bohol International Airport to be constructed in Panglao Island, Bohol. The target completion d (MORE)