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Is the manga dogs bullets and carnage a yaoi?

No not at all!! Its a science fiction/action/drama manga series. This is the descrption from wikipedia: "Set in a post-apocalyptic world where violence, crime, genetic man (MORE)

How was carnage made?

In one of the spiderman comics it showed that Eddie brock was in prison.While their he made a cell buddy with a guy named cletus kassady, a mad serial killer. later the symbio (MORE)

Are carnage and venom brothers?

Technically, yes they are. Carnage creates symbiotes whilst venom is a symbiote. So technically carnage could have created venom as his own sibling. -answered by ThERaT.
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Is Venom or Carnage stronger?

Carnage is stronger than spider-man and venom combined. He can lift over 50 tons , and he never seems to tire. His alien symbiont is constantly supplying him with new energy , (MORE)

What does carnage look like?

He looks like Venom but the color Red. Better Answer: Carnage is the spawn of the venom suit, so he has the same slimy, sticky characteristics of the suit. However, he is much (MORE)