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Is carnage unlockable?

if you happen to be talking about the second symbiote in spider man, then it varies greatly on the game you are playing. ANY of the movie games, I don't think you can. For the (MORE)

How was carnage made?

In one of the spiderman comics it showed that Eddie brock was in prison.While their he made a cell buddy with a guy named cletus kassady, a mad serial killer. later the symbio (MORE)
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How did carnage come to be?

peanut butter fell on him and he became a peanut carnage man and he started bleading and fell on venom's butt and became the carnange ha ha doy doy ha ha =)
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How strong is carnage?

carnage can lift 50tons and 2tons is the strength of a car so just imagin how many cars carnage could lift in one hand carnage can lift 50tones and venom can lift 80tons so (MORE)
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Who is carnage from Spiderman?

he is the offspring of venom, the symbiote offspring of venom bonded with a serial killer, through a cut on his finger, bonding more specifically iwth his blood, the killers n (MORE)
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Who is CARNAGE the villain?

Carnage is Cletus Kasady, a former cell mate of Eddie Brock's. Cletus became Carnage as a result of the remnant symbiote that was left behind as a result of Eddie's escape fro (MORE)
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Who is carnages sister?

I thought it was a symbiote named scream that uses her yellow hairas a web, but now that i reseach she doesnt show up anymore so ihave no idea who she really is or if she exis (MORE)