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What does wax do?

The wax used on automobiles fills the pores in the paint of the car. This prevents dirt from building in these pores. It also provides a thin layer of protection from various (MORE)

What is the difference between carnauba and camauba wax?

Carnauba wax is from carnauba palms (Copernicia prunifera)   that grow in Northern Brazil. The word "camauba" happens when   someone sees an "r" and an "n" close togeth (MORE)

Can you compost wax?

No. Not recommended. Wax decomposition is very slow and would slow down the decomposing in the compost pile. However, you can bury wax deeper in the gardens since it is organi (MORE)

Is carnauba wax edible?

Yes it is. Carnauba wax is used for coating many edible products including sweets and pharmaceutical pills.
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What is carnauba wax?

Carnauba wax is the wax that is derived from a northeasterBrazilian fan palm. Its wax is made up of aliphatic esters,diesters, carboxylic acids and fatty acid alcohols.

What are waxes?

Waxes are solid hydrocarbon. The Alkane Family. The formula is  CnH2n+2. C in the formula represents carbon and n represents number  of carbon. H represents hydrogen. From m (MORE)
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How do you put wax on a wax tablet?

You take your tablet (a slab of wood) and you warm it some by the fire. You melt your wax in a ceramic cup and pour the wax onto the level surface of the tablet. If the tabl (MORE)
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Can you mix a regular wax and fluoro wax when waxing your skis?

Yes, but why would you? If a low fluoro wax is needed ... then use a low fuoro ... which is less expensive than mixing a non-fluoro one with a high fluoro one. I use the super (MORE)
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What is orthodontic wax for?

It is to put on parts of braces that rub on your gums or the inside of your cheeks. It usually comes in a small case, and has several strips of wax inside it. When part of you (MORE)