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What does wax do?

The wax used on automobiles fills the pores in the paint of the car. This prevents dirt from building in these pores. It also provides a thin layer of protection from various (MORE)
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What is the butch wax?

Butch wax is a pink wax that was used for crew cuts and flat tops. The flat top haircut generally had a "front row" of hair which was neatly propped across the top of the fore (MORE)

Can you compost wax?

No. Not recommended. Wax decomposition is very slow and would slow down the decomposing in the compost pile. However, you can bury wax deeper in the gardens since it is organi (MORE)

What is wax for braces?

It's called Orthodontic Wax and it is used to put over top of brackets, as they may irritate the inside of your lips for a while. The wax is applied, and makes it smooth so th (MORE)

Why are lemons waxed?

They are waxed to keep it from getting dry or dehydrated. It also makes it shiny, which is more appealing to the eye. If it is more appealing looking, stores are more likely t (MORE)

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Can you paint wax?

I've never heard of anyone being able to paint wax. It's simply too slippery for almost any paint to adhere to.
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What is the function of waxes?

The function of waxes is to keep bacteria and pathogens from  entering the body. The wax in ears make dust and bacteria stick to  them before they can enter the ear.
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Can you mix a regular wax and fluoro wax when waxing your skis?

Yes, but why would you? If a low fluoro wax is needed ... then use a low fuoro ... which is less expensive than mixing a non-fluoro one with a high fluoro one. I use the super (MORE)
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What is orthodontic wax for?

It is to put on parts of braces that rub on your gums or the inside of your cheeks. It usually comes in a small case, and has several strips of wax inside it. When part of you (MORE)
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Why do you get wax in your ear?

because it is cool. We get ear wax because it helps us clean our ears, and stops all the dirt to come inside out ear tubes. it builds up from all the sticky, tiny glands tha (MORE)