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Where did carnival originate?

Hundreds of years ago followers of the   Catholic religion in Italy started the tradition of holding a wild   costume festival right before Lent. Because Catholics are (MORE)

Why is a carnival called a carnival?

Carne means Meat in Spanish. Most carnivals have food chains, stands, commissary , etc. so there is the food connection. There are even some types of foods associated with Car (MORE)
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What is the carnival?

"The carnival" is a term known to teens looking for discreet gay sex. Example. Mother: Where are you going, Gerry? Gerry: I am going to The carnival! Mother: Well have fun!

Why do you have carnivals?

Because They are celebrating their country for the whatever annual. They can be Rides such as the zipper and blah blah blah lol and they could be a parade. They have carnivals (MORE)

How is Carnival celebrated?

Carnival is celebrated during a two day period called Carnival Monday and Tuesday. It takes place in the capital of Trinidad, port of Spain, and it is one of the most colorful (MORE)
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What is kiddies carnival?

Kiddies Carnival is where children get to display their costumes. They range in ages from toddlers to teens. It is held on the Saturday before Carnival begins. This all takes (MORE)
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What to wear to a carnival?

Something simple is good, if you know that it will be cold then you may want to wrap up warm because the worst thing is going to a place and you can't enjoy it!! :)