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What is carnivorous?

ANSWER: Carnivorous refers to the dietary habits of a species. Carnivorous means meat-eating and Herbivorous means plant-eating.i
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Are rats carnivores?

yes they are also scavengers! Rats and mice are both omnivores. Other animals that are omnivoresinclude squirrels, pigs, chipmunks, and bears. Additional animalsthat feed on b ( Full Answer )
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Are oysters carnivores?

Yes and no. They can and do not choose what they eat but filter outwhatever passes by them in the seawater in which they live. Theirdiet may be plant or animal.
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Is the tuatara a carnivore?

Diet: Tuataras are carnivores (meat eaters). They eat insects (like the weta (acricket), moths and beetles), reptiles (like lizards), worms,snails, eggs, baby birds and ev ( Full Answer )
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Which birds are carnivorous?

Eagles, hawks, osprey, owls, shrikes, herons, anhinga, gulls, terns, skuas, puffins, auks, cormorants, gannets, boobies, albatrosses, frigatebirds.
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Is a basilisk a carnivore?

Yes, the basilisk is a carnivore, because if the victim has not been frozen, the basilisk will kill it with poison, then eat. ANS2: Basilisk lizards (the real ones, not t ( Full Answer )
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Are pterosaurs carnivore?

All known pterosaurs were carnivorous. Some ate insects, some ate fish, and others ate small land animals like lizards, amphibians, and primitive mammals. A few were filter fe ( Full Answer )
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What is a carnivore that eats a carnivore?

well a carnivore is any meat eater or scavenger a type a carnivore that eats a carnivore is probabally a wolf that eats a coyote =P
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Can a carnivore eat another carnivore?

Yes. It is actually quite common, especially for top predators. For example, many different animals eat snakes, and all snakes are carnivores. Some carnivores are cannibalisti ( Full Answer )
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Can carnivores feed on other carnivores?

Yes, and they sometimes do. Tigers have been known to kill and eat leopards, lions have devoured them too. Bears have fed on wolves they've slain, so yes, it does happen.