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Who is Carolyn Usher?

  Carolyn Usher is the Chief Executive Officer of Crackling Communications. She is also a well-published author in the field of family life education and travel.
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What does carolyn?

Carolyn is an anglicised spelling of Caroline, which is a French feminine of Carl. A carl was a "freeborn peasant" who had more rights than a thrall (slave) but was less impor (MORE)

Who are all the oldest classical and popular musicians living and dead?

Living - As of February 21, 2017 Everett Lee, born 8-31-1916, is 100. Vera Lynn, born 3-20-1917, is 100. Anton Coppola, born 3-21-1917,is 100. Hugh Downs, born 2-14-1921, is 9 (MORE)