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Who is Carolyn Meyer?

Answer One: An author. Answer Two: She is an author of novels for children and young adults and is best known for her work in the historical fiction genre.
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What does carolyn?

Carolyn is an anglicised spelling of Caroline, which is a French feminine of Carl. A carl was a "freeborn peasant" who had more rights than a thrall (slave) but was less impor (MORE)
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How much does carolyn gracie weigh?

On one hand, what does it matter. If she is comfortable with herself, leave her alone. On the other hand, for health reasons, it might be a good idea for her to look into chan (MORE)

Carolyn Keene's background?

Carolyn Keene is a pseudonym name used by Harriet Stratemeyer  Adams. Harriet Adams was an American novelist and publisher that  created more than 200 books in her career. S (MORE)

Was Carolyn Keene a real person?

No She Is Not   Carolyn Keene is actually a name used by all the writers who write NANCY DREW books. There is no record of her birth, death, childlife, or biography. For mo (MORE)

Who is Carolyn Usher?

  Carolyn Usher is the Chief Executive Officer of Crackling Communications. She is also a well-published author in the field of family life education and travel.
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