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How old is blue from blues clues?

Blue's age changes throughout the series.At the beginning of the  series in the episodes with Steve, Blues is 5.   After Steve leaves for college and Joe becomes Blue's n (MORE)

Why is a blue shirt blue?

your shirt appears blue because that is the color that is being reflected. for example, if a ray of light (the sun) is shining on a shirt then all of the colors of a rainbow a (MORE)

Why is blues clue a girl and blue?

Blue is a girl and the color blue because the creators wanted to show that girls could like 'boy' colors and boys could like 'girl' colors. That is the same reason the purple (MORE)

What makes a blue diamond blue?

Blue diamonds are blue due to the inclusion of very trace amounts of boron. Blue diamonds are white diamonds that happened to grow near a source of boron. The boron is inclu (MORE)
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Where are the Carpathian mountains located?

The Carpathian Mountains is a 932 mile (1,500 kilometer) mountain chain which stretches through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia.
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Do blue crabs have blue blood?

Yes. All crabs have blue blood, not just the species known as the blue crab. The reason for the blue blood is that crabs do not have haemoglobin, which is found in the blood (MORE)

What is the blues?

  it is a soft and strong music which have many old singers which was started in the late 1800.   it is a soft and strong music which have many old singers which was st (MORE)

Why do the Blue Mountains look blue?

The Blue Mountains, which separate Sydney from the interior regions, are covered with vast expanses of Eucalyptus bushland. Eucalyptus trees, or "gum trees", give off eucalypt (MORE)