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Who were the carpetbaggers and the scalawags?

Some office-holders were northern-born Republicans who had moved South after the Civil War. Many white southerners called them carpetbaggers. Supposedly, they had rushed South ( Full Answer )
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What are carpetbaggers?

Answer . The term usually mean Northern men who after the Civil War entered the South in an effort to exploit and profit from the hardships of the defeated South..
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What did the Carpetbaggers do?

Some went to the south with a satchel containing their possessionsand attempted to make a profit and control their surroundingsduring the Reconstruction Era. Others went to th ( Full Answer )
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What is a carpetbaggers?

A carpetbagger were people from the North who went to the Southduring Reconstruction to make money. Carpetbaggers were able torise to political power during the Reconstruction ( Full Answer )
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How did carpetbaggers get their name?

Carpetbaggers got their name because of the carpet bags theycarried with them. It was a name given to a northerner who movedsouth after the Civil War.
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Who criticized the carpetbaggers?

The Southerners criticized the carpetbaggers. Why? well because thecarpetbaggers were renovating the South as if they were bringingparts of the North in order to develop South ( Full Answer )
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What were carpetbaggers and scalewags?

Both carpetbaggers and scalawags were derogatory names used todescribe certain people during Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers werenortherners who came to the south after the war ( Full Answer )
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What carpetbagger is?

Someone from the North coming down to the south seeing if there following the rules.
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What were the beliefs about Carpetbaggers?

Carpetbaggers were seen as transient exploiters who moved to the South to scam money from the Freedman's Bureau.