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What are anesthetics and antiseptics?

Anaesthetics are chemicals that makes a patient go unconscious and/or feel no pain. Antiseptics are chemicals that are used to make certain areas, tools and items in a hospi (MORE)
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What is the most commonly used anesthetic?

  lidocaine (xylocaine BN) is the most commonly used anesthetic   lidocaine (xylocaine BN) is the most commonly used anesthetic   lidocaine (xylocaine BN) is the mos (MORE)

How do you spell anesthetic?

That is the correct US spelling of "anesthetic." (removing sensation, i.e. relieving pain, or in some medical use, also inducing sleep). The UK spelling is anaesthetic.
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What is anesthetic?

Anesthetic is a type of drug that is used to make people lose conscious so they won't feel pain during (for example) surgery. However, too much anesthetic can be life threaten (MORE)
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What is the difference between local and general anesthetic?

Local anesthetic is safe if the dosage is not excessive. When the area to aspirate is extensive, the high doses of local anesthetic required are toxic and may cause serious co (MORE)
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Is alcohol swab and anesthetic?

There are alcohol swabs available with an anesthetic in it. I have seen two. One sold through Walmart and another sold through CVS pharmacies. The prices I have seen so far ra (MORE)