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What are anesthetics and antiseptics?

Anaesthetics are chemicals that makes a patient go unconscious and/or feel no pain. Antiseptics are chemicals that are used to make certain areas, tools and items in a hospi (MORE)

Why mix epinephrine with a local anesthetic?

It prevents the anesthetic from being systematically absorbed. The local anesthetic will cause vasodilation, and this can push some of the drug into systemtic circulation. Epi (MORE)
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What is anesthetic?

Anesthetic is a type of drug that is used to make people lose conscious so they won't feel pain during (for example) surgery. However, too much anesthetic can be life threaten (MORE)

How do you spell anesthetic?

That is the correct US spelling of "anesthetic." (removing sensation, i.e. relieving pain, or in some medical use, also inducing sleep). The UK spelling is anaesthetic.
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What are anesthetics?

You possibly mean "anesthetics" since anestnetics is not an English word. Anesthetics are drugs used to render a person unconscious, such as during a surgical procedure, or i (MORE)

What is in anesthetic?

  an anesthetic is a drug that numbs your sensation and sometimes dampens your alertness. There are many types of anesthetic including topical (benzocaine cream for exampl (MORE)
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Is alcohol swab and anesthetic?

There are alcohol swabs available with an anesthetic in it. I have seen two. One sold through Walmart and another sold through CVS pharmacies. The prices I have seen so far ra (MORE)
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Why does anesthetic keep you from feeling pain?

There are several different ways that anesthetics work, and they are divide into different classes to reflect that. One of the most commonly used anesthetics, Lidocaine, blo (MORE)