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What products use carrageenan?

  Carrageenan is in ice cream,fruit gushers, soy milk, cold milk,diet sodas,pancake syrup, marshmellow fluff,Cerry Garcia icecream,pet food,meat and guar gum!!

Is carrageenan bad for you?

There is no official statement from the FDA on carrageenan. However, many people have bad reactions to it when it is consumed. It is extracted from red seaweed. Living-Deliber (MORE)
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Where does carrageenan grow?

Red algae (Protista Rhodophyta) grows on the continental shelf in tropical, temperate, and cold-water regions of the world. It is especially admired in Asian cultures for the (MORE)
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What is carrageenan found in?

it is sometimes found in milk products because it is used as a thickening agent or a gel instead of from animal bones