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What carries sound?

A vacuum cannot carry sound. Sound waves need a medium for transportation; usually it is air, but sound can travel through liquids or solids, too.    Sound is carried u (MORE)
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Can you carry makeup on your carry on?

Yes you can, as long as it is not liquid bottles. But make sure, and double check about eye shadow and things that aren't liquid. You never know when they would change the rul (MORE)

What can you carry in your carry on luggage?

It's more a question of what you can't carry... I travel a lot and I travel light. Carry-on includes a change of knickers for unexpected overnight delays, a small toiletries b (MORE)

How do you spell carrying?

That is the correct spelling of the gerund form of to carry, "carrying" (holding, transporting).
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Why do you carry out research?

Research can help you define your target market, assist in estimating market demand for your product, help in defining the qualities the market values in your product, finding (MORE)

What does Carrie do wrong in Carries war?

In Carrie's war Carrie throws the skull located in the library in Hephzibah's house into the horse pond behind the house which made the house catch fire.
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What you carry in your purse?

1. Phone  2. Wallet  3. Keys  4. makeup(if you wear it)  5. mini mirror  6. chapstick  7. pen and notepad  8. pad and tampon  9. gum or mints  10. candy  11. extra m (MORE)
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Is carry a noun?

The word 'carry' is a noun as a word for an act of lifting  and transporting something from one place to another.    Example: The carry from quarry to warehouse takes (MORE)