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Can you carry a skateboard on a plane as a carry on?

It depends on the airline carrier. Not on a carry on USUALLY but sometimes you can. Answer on southwest you can Absolutely NOT, it is too big to fit on the overhead comp (MORE)
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How can you carry on?

If you want to carry on after something bad happened, you shouldconsider getting into therapy. You may also want to see aboutfinding a group of friends to help you.

What is a Carrie?

I know a couple of people named Carrie, but sometimes names follow trends and with Carrie Underwood being popular right now, there may be a few more of them popping up!

What can you carry in your carry on luggage?

It's more a question of what you can't carry... I travel a lot and I travel light. Carry-on includes a change of knickers for unexpected overnight delays, a small toiletries b (MORE)
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Does snakes carry nagmani if carry then what is that?

No, it's a myth based on what an oyster does with a grain of sand. It's supposedly a rock that had gotten stuck in the mouth of a cobra, with poison solidified around it to pr (MORE)
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Why is it carries and not carrys?

Traditionally, in the English language, when a verb ends in a consonant and then a 'y', the ending of the relevant third person singular ('he carries' or 'she carries', but no (MORE)
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Which company carry the carrying bags?

You can find carrying bags on sites like nextag and eBay. Target also is a company that sells carrying bags. Many stores carry this type of bags with their luggage.