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Who is Carsten kaaz?

Carsten Kaaz was borned behind the Berlin Wall (see his book "IN THE SHADOW OF THE WALL"). He escaped with two of his friends and later came to America to make good. He had lo (MORE)

What are the meanings of A - H - N - 1 - 09 in the A H1N1 09 flu name?

Background information about names of flu virus strains: For background, H1N1 is the name used to identify several subtypes of flu viruses. A few of the influenza viruses tha (MORE)

What is the value of a 1935 H US 1 dollar silver certificate?

1935 H   As of 11/2009 a circulated 1935 H $1 bill retails for about $1.50.  Nice uncirculated ones sell for around $7.    Despite the 1935 date, $1 bills with an (MORE)
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What is the special name of 1H H-1?

Isotopes are forms of the same element containing the same number  of protons but different number of neutrons in their nuclei. 1H H-1  is an isotope of hydrogen called prot (MORE)