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What is a hoover cart?

"Hoover cart" -- the remains of the old tin Lizzie being pulled by a mule During part of the great depression of the 1930's when Herbert Hoover was president, many auotomobile (MORE)

What is a cart?

A cart is a vehicle designed for transport, using 2 wheels and normally pulled by one or a pair of draft animals.
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What is a wooden cart?

A two-wheeled 'carriage' made mostly out of wood - actually carriages have 4 wheels and carts have 2 - but nobody cares about being that accurate anymore

How do you do a cart-wheel?

if you write with your left hand you put your left leg out and your left arm up move toward the carpet.if you are right handed you put your right arm up and your rright leg ou (MORE)

What is donkey cart?

A donkey cart is simply a small to medium sized cart which ispulled by a donkey. Although these carts can be made of variousmaterials they are most often constructed from wood (MORE)
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Is cart a noun?

Yes, the word 'cart' is both a noun (cart, carts) and a verb (cart, carts, carting, carted). Examples: noun: The man was not watching his cart when it rolled into my car. v (MORE)