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What is a crash cart in dental office?

It is the name of the emergency cart that has the emergency drugs, usually an oxygen tank, a defribillator or AED, and maybe a few other items such as a backboard, IV fuids, o (MORE)
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What is a hoover cart?

"Hoover cart" -- the remains of the old tin Lizzie being pulled by a mule During part of the great depression of the 1930's when Herbert Hoover was president, many auotomobile (MORE)

What did the Mormon pioneers have in their hand carts?

Handcart pioneers kept all their personal belongings in their handcarts - clothing, blankets, tents, and personal effects they wanted to keep. Often, food would be stored in w (MORE)

What is a cart?

A cart is a vehicle designed for transport, using 2 wheels and normally pulled by one or a pair of draft animals.
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How do you use Cart in a sentence?

The child threw a box of cereal into the grocery cart. The art teacher carts her supplies from classroom to classroom. He sells hot dogs from a small cart at the park. She bou (MORE)
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What is a dynamic cart?

A dynamic cart is used to demonstrate the laws of physics. They  also provide sample tools in physics. They can be used in a  classroom or in a lab.

What rhymes with cart?

 apart  art  Bart  bleeding-heart  Bogart  cart  chart  counterpart  dart  depart  dustcart  Elkhart  Everhart  flowchart  go-kart  handcart  hart  heart  (MORE)

What is donkey cart?

A donkey cart is simply a small to medium sized cart which is  pulled by a donkey. Although these carts can be made of various  materials they are most often constructed fro (MORE)