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Why is it in the theater?

or the Vietnam War, it could have two meanings; a casualty in Southeast Asia which would mean the surrounding waters & Laos, Cambodia, North, South Vietnam. Or just in North/S (MORE)

What is the importance of coordinate cartesian system?

coordinate system is very important for making maps. we can easily make maps and draw the countries correctly on their latitudes and longitudes coordinate system i (MORE)

What is the Cartesian plane?

A Cartesian plane is a 2-dimensional, flat surface. The plane has  two mutually axes that meet, at right angles, at a point which is  called the origin. Conventionally the a (MORE)

How do we locate points on the cartesian plane?

The Cartesian plane has an horizontal number line called the x axis and a vertical number line called the y axis. Both axes are perpendicular to each other and bisect each oth (MORE)

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What is Cartesian motion?

motion in the direction of the 3 axes namely x - axis, y - axis and z - axis...
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