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What is computer cartography?

Computer cartography is a process of getting information through remote sensing where as again it is sended to (GIS)geo information system.All those given information in GIS i (MORE)

Why mapping is both a science and art at the same time in cartography?

the cartographer is both a scientist and an artist.he must have a through knowledge of his subject and model,the representing it in different ways he must omit more o (MORE)

Difference between geographical information system and computer assisted cartography?

Computer-assested cartography is mainly for cartographic production, where as GIS allows for data management, analysis and also for final cartographic production. GIS allows f (MORE)

What is thematic cartography?

Single purpose mapping which delineates the spatial distribution of a single attribute, or the relationship between several attributes. It is basically concerned with the mapp (MORE)

What is the difference between GPS and cartography?

 GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a navigational aid  system developed by the US military, funded by US taxpayers,  and maintained by the US Air Force. It consist (MORE)