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Is a cardboard carton stronger than a styrofoam carton?

Cardboard carton is stronger than styrofoam carton since it is used in most industrial packaging, whether it be the food industry or electronics industry. When it is sealed wi (MORE)

What is a sentence for carton?

Milk is distributed in a wax coated cardboard carton. Whereascigarettes are a poison, pushed to productive citizens that are 50 times more addicted the heroin junkies.. Good o (MORE)

What is carton board?

Multiply paperboard stiffer and thicker than boxboard, used mainlyfor automotive, electronics, hardware, and sporting goods. It canbe bent without cracking along scorelines, h (MORE)

What rhymes with cartons?

ardens, bardens, cardens, dardens, mardens, mardons, pardons, rardons, vardens Martins (bird), Tartans (plaids). Heartens (makes glad)
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Is carton a verb?

No. A carton, as in a container typically made of cardboard or plastic, is an object, therefore it is a noun. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a (MORE)
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What is carton flowers?

Carton flowers are an arts and crafts project for children. They are made by cutting egg cartons into flower petals and placing them on pipe cleaners to resemble flowers.