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Why shouldn't you drink out of the carton?

  You risk transfer bacteria from your mouth into the beverage, where they can grow and multiply. Next person having something from that container will get a side order of (MORE)
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What happens when you drink milk out of the carton?

  The milk goes into your mouth. Bacteria can be transferred from your mouth to the lip of the carton though, if that is what you are asking. Also, germs from your mouth c (MORE)

What is egg carton made out of?

Egg cartons are made from cardboard, foam and plastic depending on the needs of the egg supplier.
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How many eggs in a carton?

Cartons come in several sizes. There could be 6, 12, 18 or 24 eggs in a carton. Most often you find 12 in a carton.
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Why does Sydney carton dislike Darnay?

Well, they look exactly alike. The only difference is Carton believes his life is useless, and he's useless even though we know he's not, while Darnay has a productive life so (MORE)

Where can you get a moving carton box?

If you need boxes for moving, try asking your local supermarket to save boxes for you. Find out what day they get their deliveries and stop by to pick some up. Also, check Cra (MORE)