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What is a casa de cambio?

normally, a place where money is exchanged for the currency of the country. For example, when going to Mexico and you have only US dollars on your person, you can go to a "cas (MORE)

CASA Ratio in banking?

CASA ratio is the ratio of the deposits in the form of Current Account & Savings Account to the total deposits.. it should be higher for a bank because interest paid on saving (MORE)

What does mi casa mean in english?

My house or My home depending on the context of the statement. In Spanish the word Casa means House AND Home at the same time.
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Como visitar a Casa Malaparte?

Favor de visitar o sitio do Ronchi Foundation: . A gente tem que dirigir-se ao gerente, quem se chama o Avv. Professor Niccolo Rositani . Pode-s (MORE)

Is jesús navas married?

It was not stated in the scriptures that he was married so he was never married besides he came into this world for a different purpose. He was born of a Virgin and was conce (MORE)