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What is casework by congress?

Much of the work performed by the large staffs of members of Congress is casework. Services for constituents such as tracking down a social security check or directing the own ( Full Answer )
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Why do members of congress do casework?

Many people are writing there senator`s or representative`s to seek help for thinks like a social securety check has not bin recived or a veteran`s clam is held up. The repres ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of casework?

A case is a situation that the case-worker has control of.Case-work is the work that the attorney or social worker does onyour situation.
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What are pork-barrel programs and casework?

\nA government project or appropriation that yields jobs or other benefits to a specific locale and patronage opportunities to its political representative.
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Why do lawmakers get involved in casework?

it makes all the third party constiuents favor the lawmaker that solves their problems in dealing with bureacracy.
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Why soical casework is needed?

because some people need a lot of counselling and physcology can help advance people's understanding of each other.
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What do caseworkers do about abusive foster homes?

If you have told your caseworker that you have been abused by people in a foster home then the case worker should move you out and report the abuse to the police. If this has ( Full Answer )
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Why is casework important?

It is important because the individual will fill more free and confident concerning the secrets one has been pouring out, more so some people need attention on their own and w ( Full Answer )
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Why are D.C.F.S caseworkers such big liars?

SIMPLE.... The more kids they can grab and remove from their families, the longer they can justify keeping their jobs. Whenever the state announces funding cutbacks, you see t ( Full Answer )
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How do you use caseworker in a complex sentence?

They had to call his caseworker because his behaviour was gettingworse. The caseworker was keen to help as he knew the client could bedifficult to deal with for others. They ( Full Answer )