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How do you program casio fx-880p?

  I own a Casio fx 880p pocket computer, and I've used it to process many formulas that I use at work.   The computer has ten program areas, P0 to P9, which are accesse (MORE)

Which keyboard is better Casio or Yamaha why?

It depends on your budget and your level of ability... I've been playing for over 30 years (and i work in a store selling them).. I'd pick a high end Yamaha. However, Casio ar (MORE)
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How do you do matrix operation in casio fx991ms?

To do matrix multiplication in calculator Casio fx-991MS follow the steps below:- 1] Enter in the matrix mod:- press MODE 3 times then press 2. 2] To enter the matrix:- pres (MORE)

How do you reset Casio fx-350ms?

Step 1: Turn on calculator by pressing "ON" Step 2: Press "SHIFT" and then press "MODE" (Button to the left of "ON" button) Step 3: Press "3" Step 4: Press "=" Step 5: (MORE)