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How do you program casio fx-880p?

I own a Casio fx 880p pocket computer, and I've used it to process many formulas that I use at work.. The computer has ten program areas, P0 to P9, which are accessed by sele (MORE)

How do you reset your Casio MTG-520?

To set the time hit the mode button until the display reads H-set then hit adjust, then use the forward button to set the hands. It only goes one way and takes a while if you (MORE)

What is Casio Mathex?

A problem solving competition. There are 2 teams of 4 from each school. A runner and 3 other people.. A problem solving competition. There are 2 teams of 4 from each school. (MORE)

What do i do when E is showing on my casio calculator?

"E" indicates an error condition. This is generally caused by attempting a calculation out of the calculators possible range of answers, or by static electricity altering the (MORE)
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How do you do matrix operation in casio fx991ms?

To do matrix multiplication in calculator Casio fx-991MS follow the steps below:- 1] Enter in the matrix mod:- press MODE 3 times then press 2. 2] To enter the matrix:- pres (MORE)

How do you change the date for Casio LA670W?

Took me forever to figure out since the manual is unavailable. So: press the left button 3 time to get to the "time change" setting From here press the upper right button a (MORE)
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What does Casio sell?

Casio sells watches. It is known for the quality of their watches and continue to stand stand by that. They also sell some accessories that go with the watches, like new ban (MORE)