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What is the Cassandra Effect?

The Cassandra effect is when one believes they know the futurehappening of a catastrophic event, having already seen it in someway, or even experienced it first hand. However ( Full Answer )
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When did Cassandra die?

she will never die because she is the inpossible and shes 16 and pretty sexy. she will never die because she is the inpossible and shes 16 and pretty sexy
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How did Cassandra die?

The movie "Troy" removed the role of Cassandra, one of the children of Priam and Hecuba of Troy. Cassandra had been gifted with prophecy, but cursed with the inability to make ( Full Answer )
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What is cassandra in tagalog?

it's a name of a girl and you pronounce and spell it the same way as english speakers do
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What does it mean to be a cassandra?

Cassandra was a princess of Troy who foretold its destruction. Apollo had granted her the power to see the future, but she was ungrateful so he gave her the curse that her pro ( Full Answer )
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Do you have cassandra effect?

Yes, I have the Cassandra effect. What do you wish to know? Not that you will listen to my answer of course, because that is the effect.
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What is cassandra known for?

Cassandra was the god Apollo's love. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy to prove his love. But when she rejected him, Apollo cursed her so that no one would believe what she ( Full Answer )
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Who is cassandra on your Sims?

Cassandra is the child of the Goth Family, who when you have installed The Sims and are playing it for your first time, are a pre-made family who live in a pre-furnished home. ( Full Answer )
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Who was Cassandra of troy?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra \nwas the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her beauty \ncaused Apollo, God of Knowledge, to grant her the gift of prophecy. \nH ( Full Answer )
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What is African cassandra?

African Cassandra is a red and yellow meat dish filled with veggies such as: Turnips, Squash and Gourds