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Is cassava a carbohydrate?

Cassava ( Manihot esculenta ), also called yuca or manioc , is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America.[6] Cassava is extensively cultiv (MORE)

How is cassava processed?

It is first peeled and grated then passed through a strainer made out of a certain straw, the juice after been squezed out is then boiled to make a stew, the meal or "mealie" (MORE)

What does cassava mean?

It is also called Manioc. A starch derived from the root of a plant that has tuberous roots. It is an important food and the source of tapioca

What is cassava pone?

cassava pone is a caribbean delicacy made from cassava and used fairly often. the pone is a sweet treat and it is not a cake or a pudding but somewhat in between and is made f (MORE)

What can get from cassava?

Cassava also known as yuca can be boiled, fried or you can grind it squeeze the liquid out of it, then cook it into a nice flat bread. It is gluten free and taste somewhat lik (MORE)

What is cassava products?

Cassava products are the products produced from cassava, a kind of tuber, which is a staple in some African countries. Most Asian countries also use these products. The common (MORE)