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What is cassava?

Cassava , also known has manioc, is a tropical, starchy staple of South American origin.
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Is cassava a carbohydrate?

Cassava ( Manihot esculenta ), also called yuca or manioc , is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America.[6] Cassava is extensively cultiv ( Full Answer )
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How is cassava processed?

It is first peeled and grated then passed through a strainer made out of a certain straw, the juice after been squezed out is then boiled to make a stew, the meal or "mealie" ( Full Answer )
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What does cassava mean?

It is also called Manioc. A starch derived from the root of a plant that has tuberous roots. It is an important food and the source of tapioca
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Where did cassava originated from?

I think it originated from African so during the slave trade,the salve might have taking some cassava with them to their destination..
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What is the origin of cassava?

The cassava root originated in and around the southern Latin American countries of Brazil and Paraguay. It was then spread to other countries throughout the Caribbean and Meso ( Full Answer )
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What is cassava pone?

cassava pone is a caribbean delicacy made from cassava and used fairly often. the pone is a sweet treat and it is not a cake or a pudding but somewhat in between and is made f ( Full Answer )
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What is cassava in Uganda?

Cassava is a starchy root that can be eaten. It is very delicious cooked in various ways.
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What can get from cassava?

Cassava also known as yuca can be boiled, fried or you can grind it squeeze the liquid out of it, then cook it into a nice flat bread. It is gluten free and taste somewhat lik ( Full Answer )
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What is cassava products?

Cassava products are the products produced from cassava, a kind of tuber, which is a staple in some African countries. Most Asian countries also use these products. The common ( Full Answer )