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How long does it takes a cassava to grow?

Cassava takes about 10 months to mature. This root is perishable, and should be used soon after it is harvested. To preserve the root - you may coat it with parifin wax when i (MORE)

What are the uses cassava leaf meal?

  In Sierra Leone cassava leaf has three main uses.   Primarily, it is used as a sauce and is usually eaten with rice. Such usage has spread to other countries in West (MORE)

Can you plant cassava tree in Australia?

  Yes.   Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is also known as Yuca, Manioc and by other names.   from the starchy root we make Tapioca   you cannot propagate cassava by p (MORE)

What is cassava products?

Cassava products are the products produced from cassava, a kind of tuber, which is a staple in some African countries. Most Asian countries also use these products. The common (MORE)

What is the difference between cassava starch and cassava flour?

Cassava starch is relatively free from fibre. It is obtained by wet extraction from tubers , while flour is obtained by direct drying of the tuber pieces and pulverising  Typ (MORE)
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Is cassava leaf safe to eat?

Opinion only:   Cassava leaves should never be eaten uncooked. Boiling breaks down all (or most) of the toxins (cyanogenic glucosides which become cyanide when digested) in (MORE)
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What does cassava taste like?

cassava tastes a bit like a sweet potato but has a consistancy like a pumpkin. :)

How do you make ice candy with cassava flour?

Cassava flour is used to create Ice-cream like Ice Candy. You will need: 1 kilo of fruit, 1 can of condensed milk, a half a cup of water and about one tablespoon of cassava fl (MORE)