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What is a cast?

Cast: Used to immobilise broken bones OR The first step in making a mold for dentures etc or The group of people called actors in plays, TV shows movies and so on de (MORE)

What is a caste?

Hinduism developed out beliefs of Aryans in Ancient India and many other countries. Part of that belief system says that all things have a place in nature's order. An age-old (MORE)

What is casting?

Casting is a process of pouring molten metal into a mold to form apart. After removing from the mold, the part may be machined andheat treated for use. The part is referred to (MORE)

Why does casting shrink in casting process?

when the metal transition occurs from hot molten state to cold state then its volume get reduce by the evulutaion of heat due to metal solidification and it shrins so its reme (MORE)

Is caste system is caste discrimination?

Yes, caste system is the caste discrimination because one caste person cannot marry another caste person. It is forbidden by the Hindu clergymen - the original perpetuators of (MORE)
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What is the cast?

Cast can mean a few different things. Cast can be throwing afishing line out into the water, cast can also mean the charactersof a movie.
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What is caste?

Each of the hereditary classes in Hindu society distinguished by degrees of ritual purity and of social status