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Is gahlot caste a low caste?

no, gahlot is a high caste of rajputs (earlier known as Gohil/guhilot and Sisodia/ranawat/Shaktawat/chundawat/nadoria/nadolia ets are its branchaes.

Is bahti caste a schedule caste?

no bahti belon to o.b.c caste or some case forward caste bhati also called Ghirth means, Ghirth are a Hindu Rajput.They are also known as the Chaudhary

Is mohta caste schedule cast?

The MOHTAs are Maheswaris/Marwaris. basically Mohta / Mohata is a title, in ancient ruling system in Rajputana state (now Rajasthan, India) prior to Independence , that means (MORE)

Is KOHLI caste schedule caste?

No. KOHLI belongs to khatri caste or the business caste . Khatri  caste is a business caste among Punjabis. Most of khatri people  have shops and are in business . However, (MORE)

Is bahati caste a schedule caste?

No bahati cast is not a Schedule cast. Chowdhary and bahati cast is same some of the community member used their surname bahati and some of them Chowdhary. they fall under OBC (MORE)

What is casting?

Casting is a process of pouring molten metal into a mold to form a  part. After removing from the mold, the part may be machined and  heat treated for use. The part is refer (MORE)
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What is caste?

Each of the hereditary classes in Hindu society distinguished by degrees of ritual purity and of social status
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