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Does castor oil helps lose weight?

Yes, sure it will cleanse your colon. Drinking a moderate amount to cure constipation is highly recommended. However, under normal circumstances, castor oil will make you unab (MORE)

Is castor oil used for cooking?

Castor Oil has been used for centuries. However, it has a strong taste and was used as a strong laxative in the past. There are better natural laxatives these days. The flavor (MORE)

Is mineral oil the same as Castor oil?

No! Mineral oil is damaging to the body and kills many insects and  fish. Castor oil is a laxative when injected, and can help with  various ailments when put into a castor (MORE)
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Is castor oil good for hair?

yes, it is good for hair, but not if your scalp is oily. Don't  apply often. It is good to use 1 hr before washing the hair.
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What is the saponification value of castor oil?

Saponification value is the amount of pure sodium hydroxide needed to saponified 100 grams of oil No. saponified castor oil is from 12.5 to 13 grams

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What are some uses of castor oil?

Some uses of castor oil include using it as a food additive and mold inhibitor. Castor oil also has uses in the medical field and is used for manufacturing plastics and rubber (MORE)