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What is castration?

It's when your male animal cannot reproduce anymore. The operation removes the gonads/testicles. The animal is said to be castrated, neutered or fixed.

What is the important of castration?

In some European countries they believe that castration or removal of the testicles from pigs improves the flavour. It is also used in farming to limit populations or to ensur (MORE)
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Why do men get castrated?

Medically, castration (removal of the testicles) can be used to treat testicular cancer or to reduce testosterone levels, usually as a treatment for prostate cancer. Historic (MORE)

Can a guinea have a castrate?

Yes. There is a risk that the guinea pig could die during the operation but there is a risk with all operations, so you just have to think what is best? :) x

What is bull castration?

That is taking a bull and removing certain parts to change it to a "steer". The steer can thence no longer reproduce, and is also a lot less aggressive.

Why castrate a goat?

To turn it into a wether - so that the meat does not have a buck taint when you slaughter it and so that it can't get your does pregnant.
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How do you castrate a turkey?

Male turkeys can be castrated so they can't reproduce. This is doneby removing either the testicles or the male reproductive organ.

When is a rabbit castrated?

The term used for rabbit castration is "neuter" and it's soothing done by a vet with experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. Male rabbits can be neutered around 3-4 mont (MORE)