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What is Castrate on Howrse?

castrate is when you make a stallion from 2 to 6 yrs a gelding, in other words making it so they can't breed by doing a small surgery. castration gives the horse more skills
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What is a castrated chicken?

  A castrated chicken is called a capon where the internal testicles are removed. Capons grow to be incredibly docile and the lack of testosterone provided very tender mea (MORE)

What is a castrated horse?

A castrated horse is typically a male horse (Stallion or colt) that has had its reproductive organs (testicles) removed to prevent it from being able to breed. A castrated h (MORE)

What is castration anxiety?

Castration anxiety is a concept of Freud's; the feeling a man/boy gets when they are afraid of having their genitalia removed.
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What is the important of castration?

In some European countries they believe that castration or removal of the testicles from pigs improves the flavour. It is also used in farming to limit populations or to ensur (MORE)
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How do you castrate a man?

Castration of a male is done by surgically removing the testicles and then suturing the incision closed. There is also a chemical method of castration that makes the testicles (MORE)

What is castration of a cow?

Only bulls can be castrated, however a few producers have the money to spay their heifers before they enter the feedlot to prevent weight loss when the heifers go into heat. S (MORE)

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