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Is a firefighter a subculture?

  Yes, Firefighters have specialized training which spawns a language and bond understood by other firefighters.
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What are examples of subcultures?

A subculture is a cultural group that is within a larger culture  that differentiate themselves from the larger culture. There are  many subcultures in every society that in (MORE)

What is the subculture of Brazil?

There are several subcultures of Brazil. There is punk-rock  subcultures that explore music and kids, teenagers, and young  adults that dress in punk-rock clothing. An art d (MORE)
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Is soccer a subculture?

Yes people from all around the world play soccer, like Italy, Bimbo, the US, The UK, anybody and everybody plays.
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What is the Goth subculture?

Goth used to be a religion before Jesus Christ was born. correction: Goth was never a religion. It was a term used to describe two Germanic tribes: The ostrogoths and the visi (MORE)

What is casual clothing?

Casual is what you normally wear everyday. Not too dressy, but it doesn't look like you've been sleeping in a barn for a week. It isn't a suit.
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What is occupational subculture?

An occupational subculture would be the culture among all the  people who have the same job. So, for instance, the subculture of  nurses, or dentists, or police officers.
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