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Is satanism a subculture?

no satanism is a religion much like Christianity but unlike most religions there has been evidence of satanism as far back as 4000 bc!! some satanist's insist there is no god (MORE)
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What are subcultures for Africa?

There are a variety of subcultures of Africa. Some of these  subcultures include Bantu, Niger-Khoisan, Semitic, as well as  Christian, Muslim, and Animist.

Is Facebook a subculture?

No way. It's a media. People can communicate, share and get informations. Users from different subcultures use this media but it doesn't mean it's a subculture itself.
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What is punk subculture?

  Punks commonly experience a sort of tribal attachment to other punks. Being a punk will often come before race or ethnicity in a matter of self identity in a community. (MORE)

What are examples of a subculture?

A subculture is a set of people with distinct sets of behavior and  beliefs that differentiate them from a larger culture of which they  are a part. The subculture may be di (MORE)

Examples of subculture?

A subculture is part of the dominant culture but has its own values  and folkways. An example would be snake handlers of the Appalachia,  the Amish, boy scouts, and alcoholi (MORE)

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