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What do you do after you get a cat?

A good place to start when you get a new cat is to give it some time to adjust to its new surroundings. Cats generally don't like change, and although it is probably in a bett (MORE)

How do cats get?

Why did you ask me that? Im only four. You are so dumb. Anyway what does that mean? I think you are only 2 years old. So, Shoo Shoo off your shoe! (MORE)

What do cats do?

Pee, scratch the furniture, constantly demand food and take over your life Go to You Tube and type in Simon's Cat and see what a cat can really do!
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How did you get cats?

\nEither got to a pet store or possibly a pound. My my neighborhood, there are wild cats roaming around, so that is where I found mine.
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Where can you get cats from?

The local humane society will be glad to help you find the right cat. Most of the cats will have had shots and exams so you can have a healthy and happy cat.
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How can you do with your cat?

i think you mean what. and if you do, you can have intimate and meaningful conversations with each other. Some say conversing with a cat would produce you being ridiculed at, (MORE)

What do cats have?

Cats have pointy ears, a pelt, a tail, eyes, noes, mouth, claws, and whiskers. :)
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How can you be a cat?

You cannot be a cat it is physically impossible, but you can dress up as a cat or act like one if you so wish.
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