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Why do cats like cat nip?

Even though cats go crazy and some even seem drugged around catnip it's not a drug. It's actually an herb that belongs to the mint family. When the leaves are broken it releas (MORE)

What are cats?

Depends on the setting. . It can be a pet animal, it can also be an abbreviated name forseveral other things. . On a worksite, it can be short for "caterpillar", a brand nam (MORE)

What kind of cat is happy cat?

A Happy Cat is the best kind of cat, don't you  agree? The right diet is extremely important for the wellbeing of  your cat. Obesity is a common source of problems among dom (MORE)

Do you own cats or do cats own you?

Answer: It is more like you enjoy the companionship of each other. However, it is your responsibility to provide the cat's food and a nice environment. Answer: You own them (MORE)

What should you do if your cat was in a cat fight?

I would suggest keeping an eye on your cat, to see if it is lethargic or grumpier than usual. Or drinking/going to the toilet more often than usual. Generally, keep an eye out (MORE)

What do cats have to have to win a cat show?

Cats Need Many Different Qualitys. It Needs To be Well Nautured. And Have No Strange Markings. My British Short Hair Blue Point won't be able to enter a show due to his toes o (MORE)

Do cats need a cat flap?

well, personally, I prefer not having one, because if you do, they can come in and out as they please, but I like to keep mine in at night. It depends how much control you wan (MORE)

How can a cat be a cat?

A cat can be a cat by licking itself, hiding, and sometimes being loving. Siberian cats can be different. They are known as "the dogs of the cat world" because they can easil (MORE)