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My cat eats with its paw. Is that normal?

  most how the food gets into your cats mouth. if it looks like its struggling to bite then its teeth could be hurting. it could be the morsels are too (MORE)

Do cats paws fall asleep?

Cat paws can fall asleep. This can happen due to cut off  circulation of blood flow to the paw. There is no reason to be  concerned unless the cat does not regain normal use (MORE)

Are cats left pawed or right pawed?

  Cats can be right pawed, left pawed, or ambidextrous (which means they use both paws). If you want to test if your cat is left or right pawed, or both, put a treat in th (MORE)

Can cats eat paw paw?

Yes! It's probably good for their digestion - humans use it for that purpose - and it's better than refined products if your cat has a sweet tooth.

Do cats have paws?

Yes Yep. Most have 4 of them.   ----------------------------------------------------   And these paws have retractable claws.
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