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How did Yusuf Islam convert to Islam why did he convert to Islam?

- According to his speech about his conversion to Islam, he said that he had always had many questions about religions, soul, target of life....etc. & consequently he started (MORE)
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How and why did Yusuf Islam convert to Islam?

Source: Wikipedia Cat Stevens relates that he nearly drowned off the coast of California in 1976 when he shouted for God to save him. Thereafter he was grateful for being save (MORE)
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Is sami Yusuf son of sami Islam?

I doubt, because usually the child takes the father's last name. And in this situation it's only the first name that's the same which really doesn't make a difference because (MORE)

Did cat stevens sing Cats in the cradle?

The song Cat's in the Cradle was written by Harry Chapin and his  wife Sandy Chapin. Harry Chapin is also the performer of the song.  Cat Stevens never recorded the song, al (MORE)

Does cat stevens sing cats in the cradle?

No, the hit version of this song was by Harry Chapin. It was a hit  in 1974, and since then, various people have recorded it, but I  don't believe Cat Stevens was one of the (MORE)
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Is yusuf Islam Muslim?

Yes, he converted to Islam & changed his name from Cat Stevens into Yusuf Islam.
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