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What were the catacombs designed to do?

A burial place, to store the deceased. Catacombs were used in ancient times to bury the dead because land was expensive and scarce in the cities in which you find these cataco (MORE)

What is the largest catacomb?

The largest catacomb system in the world is located underneath the  city of Odessa in the Ukraine. There are more than 1,500 miles of  them that date all the way back to the (MORE)

Who built the catacombs?

The ancient christians built the original Roman Catacombs. They had a guild or workers called fossores or fossors who took shifts going in and caring back debris in baskets or (MORE)

What is the catacombs?

You meant "what are catacombs?" Catacombs are underground cemeteries. Mostly it contains neatly piled bones and skulls lining the walls. There is one in France where it was (MORE)

Why were catacombs used?

They were used to bury dead Christians (some martyrs, or people who chose to die rather than give up religious beliefs).
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How did the catacombs start?

Some of the catacombs started as Roman quarries, and were taken over by Mithraists, who believed that Mithras must be worshipped underground. In other cases, the Mithraists e (MORE)

Catacomb in a sentence?

Catacombs are human-made underground caves built for the purposes  of religious practices. An example of a sentence using the word  would be: On their trip to Egypt, they ho (MORE)

Where is catacombs on RuneScape?

The Lumbridge catacombs are accessed by the dungeon entrance near Xenia. She is located in the Lumbridge graveyard, south of the church.
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What were the catacombs used for?

old men who molested and killed millions of tiny children and cut their testicals off with rusty axes and killed their selfs before they where caught by the law and hung
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What is the Catacomb?

Catacombs are man-made underground passageways used for religiouspurposes. Those used as a burial place are also called a catacomb, Originally associated with the Roman Empir (MORE)