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Is entering the catacombs in Paris illegal?

Parts of the Catacombs' tunnels are forbidden to the general public due to various hazards, but you can visit the most interesting parts. They are maintained by the Culture mi (MORE)

What were the catacombs designed to do?

A burial place, to store the deceased. Catacombs were used in ancient times to bury the dead because land was expensive and scarce in the cities in which you find these cataco (MORE)
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Where can the catacombs be found?

There are catacombs beneath Rome, Naples, and Palermo in Italy, as well as London, Paris, Alexandria, Vienna, and Edinburgh. They are also found in Znojmo (Czech Republic), Od (MORE)

Why did the christians build catacombs?

 Generally speaking, Christians did not build catacombs. Most catacombs were Roman mines, and were acquired by the followers of Mithras, who worshipped him underground. In t (MORE)
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Why are the Catacombs of Paris a dangerous place?

  The Paris Catacomb's are a dangerous place since it is an undergound tunnel   system filled with dead bodies or as I should say bones of the dead . The tunnels may  (MORE)

How did the catacombs start?

Some of the catacombs started as Roman quarries, and were taken over by Mithraists, who believed that Mithras must be worshipped underground. In other cases, the Mithraists e (MORE)

What is the largest catacomb?

The largest catacomb system in the world is located underneath the  city of Odessa in the Ukraine. There are more than 1,500 miles of  them that date all the way back to the (MORE)
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Do catacombs still exists in rome?

Yes, catacombs exist in Rome but they are not used the same way. They are not used as graves nor for religious practices. In Paris there is a huge tunnel of catacombs. They sa (MORE)