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Why might some people in the Basque Country and Catalonia see themselves more as Basque and Catalan than Spanish?

Because they are nationalists who do not see themselves as Spanish. The Spanish government and monarchy do not and have never treated Catalonia and the Basque Country as equal (MORE)

Is catalonia rich or poor?

Catalonia generates more money then anywhere else in Spain, but the Spanish government tax them more than anywhere else and spend most of their money on central Spain (Madrid) (MORE)

What are the universities in Barcelona Catalonia?

  The public universities in Barcelona are:   Universitat de Barcelona ( -->ranked 180th or so among the top 200 world universities by the THES (Times Higher (MORE)

Where is catalonia?

Catalonia is a nationality located in the northeast corner of  Spain. It shares a border with France and Andorra in the north  along the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish r (MORE)