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What are the universities in Barcelona Catalonia?

  The public universities in Barcelona are:   Universitat de Barcelona ( -->ranked 180th or so among the top 200 world universities by the THES (Times Higher (MORE)

Where is catalonia?

Catalonia is a nationality located in the northeast corner of  Spain. It shares a border with France and Andorra in the north  along the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish r (MORE)

Which country is Catalonia in?

Catalonia is a nationality and is considered an "autonomous community" of Spain; this is similar to the way the US territory Puerto Rico is self governing yet still considered (MORE)

What is the culture in catalonia?

Not a very specific question, quite difficult to answer but I will try my best. They are very sporting people, Football,Basketball and handball being the biggest as are in the (MORE)
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How old is Catalonia?

Catalonia is arround 1000 years old. Catalonia has been free for700 years but then had been ocupated by the spanish for the past303 years.