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What are the universities in Barcelona Catalonia?

The public universities in Barcelona are:. Universitat de Barcelona ( -->ranked 180th or so among the top 200 world universities by the THES (Times Higher Educatio ( Full Answer )
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Where is catalonia?

Catalonia is a nationality located in the northeast corner ofSpain. It shares a border with France and Andorra in the northalong the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish regions ( Full Answer )
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When was catalonia founded?

First references to the name 'Catalonia' was in the 12th century, though the land was colonized far before that, BC even. There is also evidence of humans living in the land n ( Full Answer )
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Is Catalonia independent?

I wish it was, as a lot of people does! But no, Catalonia is not legally/politically independent. It is part of Spain, even though many people who are Catalans (people who liv ( Full Answer )
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What is Catalonia famous for?

Catalonia is famous for many things but right now their biggest claim to fame in modern culture would of course be the Catalan giants FC Barcelona
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Which country is Catalonia in?

Catalonia is a nationality and is considered an "autonomous community" of Spain; this is similar to the way the US territory Puerto Rico is self governing yet still considered ( Full Answer )
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What country is catalonia in?

Catalonia is a country itself. And it's currenctly politically divided by the sovereign states of the French Republic and the Kingdom of Spain.
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What is the culture in catalonia?

Not a very specific question, quite difficult to answer but I will try my best. They are very sporting people, Football,Basketball and handball being the biggest as are in the ( Full Answer )
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Is catalonia a city?

Catalonia is a country in the Mediterranean Europe, the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, nestled within the Spanish state as an autonomous region, and whose capital cit ( Full Answer )
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How old is Catalonia?

Catalonia is arround 1000 years old. Catalonia has been free for700 years but then had been ocupated by the spanish for the past303 years.