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What is a catapult?

A hand catapult (or slingshot) is a Y-shaped device, which is usually made from a forked branch. The lower leg of the Y is held in one hand while the other hand pulls agains (MORE)
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When were catapults used?

Some catapults were used in the middle ages to try and get into Medieval Castles. The Romans had catapults. I had a hand catapult when I was a youngster.
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Why was the catapult made?

The catapult was made as a response to large fortifications andcastle walls. It allowed very large objects to be fired from greatdistances in an attempt to bring down defenses (MORE)
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What Does The Catapult Do?

The catapult was usually used to fling large, heavy objects acrossa large area. The usual target back then was a castle when theywould try to siege or surround it. How they w (MORE)
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Why is a catapult called a catapult?

The word catapult came from ancient greece. It was also invented there. It means from two seperate words kata pultos
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Does the catapult have a lever?

if i knew i could have answered by own bladdy question n i will not be sitting here writing dis
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What did catapults do?

The catapult is a device that hurls heavy objects or arrows over a large distance. The catapult was a major weapon of warfare for well over a thousand years.
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What did a catapult do?

Catapults usually throw or launch something into the air. They were sometimes used for warfare
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What does a catapults?

a catapults is a machine that is similar to a gint slingshout,objcts such as bounlders