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What does Catch 22 mean?

The term was created by Joseph Hellar in his novel, "Catch 22." It  is a reference to a book of the same name, and it basically means a  no-win situation. No matter what you (MORE)

What is the meaning of catch 22?

The meaning of catch-22 is a logical contradiction that stops something happening, in particular when bureaucracy gets in the way of things being achieved. The phrase comes (MORE)

What does the phrase catch 22 mean?

Catch 22? look at the number 22 if you look at it backwards it is still the same, it could have been called catch 11, catch 33 etc. but I guess catch 22 is more catchy! for ex (MORE)

Who wrote the book Catch 22?

  Joseph Heller wrote the famous anti-war novel 'Catch-22' in 1961. The book was initially dismissed by critics but was later hailed by some as one of the best novels of t (MORE)

What is the origin of the phrase catch 22?

From the American author Joe Heller. the title of his 1961 novel. It is a provision in army regulations that a soldier can be relieved of active duty because he is mentally un (MORE)

What does 22 mean in catch 22?

The 22 by itself doesn't have a separate meaning. The phrase "Catch 22" was derived from the book write by Joseph Heller. The phrase basically means if you can do it, you real (MORE)

What is the origin of Catch-22?

Catch-22 is the paradoxical reasoning from the book by Joseph Heller of the same name. The novel is centered around soldiers who want to be exempt from flying missions due to (MORE)

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