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What is used to catch fish?

You need a fish pole and a fishing line with small weights, weights depend on the water for depth and if it's fresh water or salt water and you need hooks. You also need bait, (MORE)
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How do angler fish catch their prey?

Angler fish puts their light on to lure fish in to thinking is something nice but instead it is a scary fish that will eat them
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Can spiders really catch fish?

Yes. There is a genus of Australian spiders known as Fishing spiders (Dolomedes instabilis), of the family Pisauridae which, as their name suggest, catch fish, as well as ta (MORE)
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Where do you catch monster fish on flick fishing?

Everywhere. You just gotta use the right bait. Old pond -Old Mog keep using bait fish, u will catch catfish, but if your patient, you will get old mog Lake shiny-Fat Bob u (MORE)
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How did yolngu people catch fish?

There were many ways that Yolngu caught fish. Nets woven with pandanus (gunga) were used and have a deep meaning of connection between family groups. This is used as the logo (MORE)